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Best Pet-Friendly Rehab for Your Cherished Pooch

Posted on 08/06/19: Addiction Recovery

We understand how much your beloved pets mean to you, their roles are very important to your well-being. Animal lovers, like ourselves, truly understand how much of an impact our pets can have on our lives. They help lift our spirits, help us socialize with other people, and us be more giving/loving. There’s no doubt that our pets play a key role in our emotional well being during the healing process. Because we know this, you don’t have to worry about saying goodbye to your pet during recovery. Rest assured, you can make arrangements with our facility to keep your pet during your rehabilitation. 

The Healing Benefits of Having Your Pet in Rehab

pets helping heal addiction

When a person is struggling with substance abuse, the best way to get them treated is through an inpatient rehabilitation facility, utilizing their treatment program. However, if the patient owns a pet, the thought of going into rehab for an undetermined amount of time and leaving their furbabies behind can be emotionally stressful. Truth is, a lot of people rely on the comforts of their pets, especially during the most stressful times in their lives (i.e. rehabilitation, loss, job-related issues, homestead changes, etc.). 

In our vast search for Rehabs in Arizona that are Pet-Friendly, we found the top 5 centers that you should choose:
1.) Scottsdale Recovery Center
2.) Arizona Addiction Recovery Centers
3.) Arizona Addiction
4.) Americas Rehab Campuses
5.) Sober Living of AZ

Our rehabilitation center strongly believes that the relationship between our clients and their furry loved ones is just as important as any other relationship. We believe that, by allowing client’s pets to join them during rehabilitation, this can create much better results. You may be asking, how does a pet create better results for rehabilitation? The benefits that someone’s pet can bring out during rehabilitation can be incredible! Here are some of the reasons why it can be beneficial for someone in recovery:

Your pets love you just as you are – When someone has an addiction, the feeling of being “not good enough” is always there, it can be a harsh reality for some people to face. During early recovery, a lot of patients tend to struggle with having low self-esteem. This usually makes them think that no one else can love or accept them, but, truth is, pets will. A person’s pet can have a huge impact on them. They don’t really count your mistakes and will still love you unconditionally. They give you the support you need and can cheer you up at times when you feel low.

Your pets help you relax – Having a pet has many emotional benefits. They can help promote your hormones that release in your brain and create a feeling of happiness. This can help a person calm down, relax, and be less anxious. Studies have shown that when you interact with your pet, the levels of oxytocin, serotonin, and prolactin increase. These things help your body reduce the production of cortisol, which produces hormones that cause stress. When your happy hormones are up, your unhappy ones are down. You feel much better while in rehab, thus why your pet plays such an important role in your recovery.

Your pets teach you responsibility – When someone has an addiction, they care more about themselves than others. Studies show that having a pet with you during rehab teaches you more to be accountable and humble since you’re taking care of another life, other than your own. Having pets during rehab helps develop a better sense of worth and creates accountability to someone other than yourself. Your pet doesn’t only need love, but also other basic needs (feeding, grooming, exercising, etc.). This can make rehab patients develop a better sense of responsibility and purpose during their recovery process.

Your pets motivate you to get better – Having pets while in rehab keeps you active. Taking your dogs for a walk or bathing your cat helps you become better physically instead of just moping around. it’s important to be doing something while in recovery. One of the most dangerous things for a recovering addict is boredom. Keep in mind that physical activities and keeping yourself occupied are also important because they help improve moods and general health.

Your pets provide you security – Sometimes, being in rehab makes the patient feel alienated and insecure. Patients can feel out of place and unmotivated in the beginning so adjusting to a new environment is hard. However, if you have your pet with you, that sense of security gives you the comfort you need during this strenuous process. This alone helps the individual to recover even better.

If you want to have your furry loved ones with you during this trying time, call our specialists and make the arrangement to discuss our pet-friendly rehab options. Your well-being is as important to us as your beloved pets is to you. Give us a call today, we’ll see what we can do to help you. 

If you or someone you know needs help with addiction, contact Sober Living of AZ now to get the help you need. Sober Living offers an acclaimed recovery environment that merges upscale and luxury accommodations with affordability, clinical expertise and an unwavering commitment to patient care and aftercare. Call us now at 602-737-2458.

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