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The Sober Living of AZ blog serves as a resources to provide information on all aspects of drug and alcohol addiction, including insights on what signs to look for to spot addiction, how to help family or your loved ones recover from drug or alcohol addiction and suggestions on all available treatment options and which one is best for your unique situation. Read our SLAZ blog often for new information you need to know! Our goal is to share our experience and insights to help those who may be suffering from addiction to seek help. For those who have family or loved ones that are addicted, our blog provides critical information on how to get help, how to prepare for treatment, and what to expect.
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Get Higher with Just a Smile

Posted on 12/21/17: Arizona Sober Living \ Relapse Prevention

A lot of focus is put on the “things to avoid” to help maintain sobriety. While there’s truth to that, it screams negativity! Whether you’ve made the choice to live…

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Property, Privacy and the Red Line of Arizona Sober Living

Posted on 12/08/17: Arizona Sober Living \ Opioid Aftercare Arizona \ Opioid Recovery Housing \ Sober Living Regulations

Residential property rights in Arizona are normally well-defined. There are zoning ordinances, HOAs, use restrictions and, of course, the neighbors. With covenants, rules and regulations come distinctive lines in what…

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