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What is “Geeking”?

Posted on 01/18/19: Addiction Treatment

Geek, a completely innocent word that refers to someone who is obsessed with video games and comic books, can easily be turned into a malignant one when an ‘ing’ is added to it. Geeking.

Street-drug culture gave birth to the term ‘Geeking’, which is used to define incessant use of crack or cocaine. When people talk about Geeking, they are basically referring to the use of cocaine again and again in a short period of time to maintain the ‘high’ or get the instant ‘rush’ they get from this substance.

Cocaine or crack is a highly stimulating and addictive drug. A study published by the Center for Substance Abuse Research revealed that users can get addicted after just a single hit. So even if you’re trying it just for the sake of trying it, you are placing yourself at a great risk for long-term addiction.  

However, ‘Geeking’ has another meaning as well. The slang term is commonly used to describe the extreme amount of paranoia found in crack users. If you personally know someone who uses cocaine, you might have noticed that not only are they constantly restless or fidgety, they’re always paranoid that someone will catch them.

For instance, cocaine users are constantly haunted by the thought that the police will find them, even if they’re in their houses. If they use the substance outdoors, such as their cars, they obsessively clean the seats, dashboard and the foot mat to wipe off any “remnants” of the drug (even if there aren’t any).

Before we look into the details of Geeking, we must understand the substance behind the term.

What is Crack?

drug deal

Crack is an addictive substance, less pure than cocaine, that is extracted and refined into a powdered form from the coca plant, native to South America. Drug dealers process the plant into rock-like crystals, which are white in color, and distribute it in tiny packaging.

The price of crack also varies according to your geographical location and the quality you buy. If you buy low quality crack, which is usually mixed with other ingredients such as corn starch or flour, it will cost you $40/gram. If you buy a higher quality substance, which is more pure, it will cost you around $80/gram.

Have you ever heard the term ‘crack’ and wondered why it is called this? During the heating process of refining the plant into the drug, the rock makes a crackling sound. This is where the name comes from.   

Why Are People Geeking?

Today, more than ever before, people are Geeking because they simply cannot withdraw from cocaine use. Right after the first hit, they feel:

  • A rush of pleasure
  • Adrenaline
  • Sociable and talkative
  • A reduced appetite
  • Insomniac
  • Mentally alert and attentive
  • Sexually aroused

Right after the first hit, people develop an almost immediate reliance on this substance. However, all these feelings are short-lived and typically last only 10 to 30 seconds after taking a hit. This, paired with the desire to continue such a strong high, leads people to begin Geeking.

Geeking can be done in several ways. The most common method is by snorting, as you may have observed in movies. Other people rub the substance on their gums. Injecting drugs such as cocaine or heroin is also a common method of abuse, known as Speedballing.

Is Geeking Common?

When users are binging on crack cocaine to the point where their stash is gone, they cannot afford more, or physically can’t take any additional hits, they’re Geeking. A research study was conducted on Geeking to analyze how common it really is.

The study was based upon 155 subjects who were all crack cocaine users. All the participants were asked to narrate their month long behavior with respect to crack cocaine use.

Location of Geeking: Around 26.5% of the participants (or 41 users) binge used crack in their homes, 30.3% (or 47 users) binged at a peer’s house, 26.5% (or 41 users) in hotels or motels, 8.4% (13 of the users) in the homes of their partners, and 6.5% (or 10 users) in public places such as parks, parking lots, cars, etc.

How They Normally Binge: A normal binge was continual use of crack cocaine for 3 days. Around 40 crystal rocks/packs were used for Geeking.

Reason for Stopping: Around 47.7% of the users (74 subjects) couldn’t continue because they either ran out of stock or didn’t have enough money to buy more. 52.3% of the users (81 subjects) quit binging because they simply couldn’t take it anymore or didn’t have enough energy to continue.

Short-Term Effects of Geeking

  • Pupils dilated
  • Constrained blood vessel walls
  • Over-stimulation
  • Aggressive reactions
  • Uncontrolled violence
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • Mild neurotic disorders such as anxiety or post-use depression
  • Erratic breathing
  • Heart attacks
  • Unexpected deaths due to overdose

  Long-Term Effects of Geeking

  • Mood swings and ill-temperament
  • Reduced levels of patience leading to outrageous behavior
  • Verbally and/or physically abusive conduct
  • Untreatable addiction
  • Chronic neurotic disorders such as anxiety, paranoia or depression
  • Nervous breakdown
  • Respiratory dysfunction
  • Sexual impairment
  • Infertility among males and females
  • Hallucinations
  • Paralysis
  • Death

Crack cocaine is extremely harmful. But its intensity can actually be amplified if it is used along with other recreational drugs or alcohol. The information we have provided to you is based on research studies and real-life experiences.

If you or anyone you love is going through Geeking, seek intensive care treatment from a reputable rehabilitation center such as Sober Living AZ. Your life is too precious to be threatened by substances.

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