Welcome to Sober Living of AZ

Sober Living of AZ is the premier sober living/recovery home organization in Arizona. We provide sober living for those in need of a structured, program-oriented, sober living environment while in the early stages of recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction. Residents get the support and tools needed to transition back into society while renewing responsibilities to themselves, their families and their community. With homes located in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Mesa, and all walking distance to 12-step meetings and fellowship halls, residents receive ample opportunity to partake in the intensely populated sober communities that exist all throughout Arizona.

Coupled with our State Licensed Treatment Facility, our Full Treatment Program is designed to help tackle the underlying issues that create continued substance abuse and emotional problems.


Our Philosophy on Addiction

At Sober Living of AZ we believe addiction is a disease that carries tremendous consequences for individuals, families, the workplace and the community as a whole. The truth is that addiction is a chronic, relapsing and treatable disease.

Prevention is the key to combating abuse.


It’s pretty simple: the more treatment and therapy one receives, the better their chances are of life-long sobriety. Long-term treatments is the key ingredient in the recipe for everlasting sobriety.

Get Sober in Style AS A SLAZ RESIDENT

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