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Addicted to Hope Rally: Here’s Everything You Should Know

Posted on 12/21/18: Addiction Prevention \ Addiction Recovery \ Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a disease, and you need proper treatment in order to overcome this condition. Addiction to alcohol or drugs affects your lifestyle in many different, detrimental ways: you drift away from your loved ones and lose interest in activities that you enjoyed before.

A person may turn to alcohol or drugs to escape from the hardships of life or childhood trauma. Moreover, if any of your parents are addicted to a substance, you’re also likely to develop addiction unless you’re aware of its negative consequences and do your best to stay away.

Addiction recovery involves the following five stages:

  1. Self-awareness and addiction acceptance
  2. Being ready to undergo treatment for addiction recovery
  3. Learning about the recovery process and improving your lifestyle accordingly
  4. Cutting ties with people and behaviors that led you to addiction
  5. Maintaining i.e. learning how to stay drug-free for your entire life and preventing relapse

Addiction Awareness


Now that you know about the stages of addiction recovery, you must have noticed that recovery starts with awareness. You can fully overcome addiction and stay away from drugs and other harmful substances once you are vulnerable and accept the fact that you need treatment at a rehab facility to return to routine life.

It’s a prevalent misconception that a person can’t overcome addiction just based on willpower. However, mindset places a monumental part in the recovery process: if an addict is adamant that they want to improve their lifestyle and stop drug consumption, then nothing can stop them from doing so.

There’s no denying that a positive state of mind is crucial for overcoming addiction, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go for treatment. In fact, relapse is much more likely to happen if you don’t seek professional help. If you abruptly stop substance consumption, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. If you don’t seek medical help for treatment, you may end up risking your life.

Addiction is considered a disgrace by many, and people tend to stay away from “drug addicts”. Knowing that society won’t accept them, drug and alcohol addicts tend to refrain from asking for help. As a result, they become dysfunctional members of society and end up losing their lives to addiction.

This is the reason why the Addicted to Hope rally is scheduled every year. On October 27th, 2018, the 3rd annual rally was held to encourage addicts and families to share their sorrows without feeling ashamed.

Addicted to Hope Rally

The Addicted to Hope rally is an annual event held regularly in Winchester, Virginia. Many adults, as well as children, participate in this event to help people struggling with addiction and play their role in making this world a better place for everyone.

Northern Shenandoah Valley Substance Abuse Coalition and Clean Inc. is the organization that arranges this event every year. Aside from an awareness walk, the rally also involves running events for different age groups and cash prizes or trophies are awarded to winners.

The tagline of this addiction awareness event says,

“Uniting to End a Stigma!”

This statement highlights the major purpose of this event. The idea behind this event was to eliminate the stigma and disgrace associated with addiction. The host organization wants others to know that addiction is a disease and leaving it unattended only worsens the health of the patient.

Drug and alcohol addicts tend to get lonely. They often break ties with their loved ones and find solace in substance abuse. Nothing, other than drugs and alcohol, interests them anymore. Moreover, they also stay away from others so no one can reprimand them for addiction or ask them to undergo treatment.

This awareness campaign aims to make people understand that when an addict is left alone, they have a very low chance of returning to a routine life. This is the reason why their loved ones should communicate with them and try to keep them engaged during the recovery phase. This way, they can better avoid a relapse and move toward a permanently sober lifestyle.

Co-dependency is another major addiction-related issue. There’s nothing wrong with caring for your loved ones who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. In fact, you should talk to them and support them in overcoming addiction. However, it doesn’t mean you should forget your own happiness and become too dependent on your relationship with the person recovering. They need to be able to support themselves, too.

Co-dependency refers to toxic, one-sided relationships. Through this rally, organizers want to raise awareness among families of addicts and show how they can help people suffering from addiction without compromising their own happiness.

You shouldn’t spend all of your energy on meeting the emotional needs of an addict and trying to keep them happy. You should also focus on your happiness, or else you’ll feel trapped and may develop an issue of your own due to lack of self-care.

Addicted to Hope Rally and Teens

The Addicted to Hope rally isn’t for adults only. Children and teens are also invited to take part in walks and runs during the event, as addiction can be an issue for anyone and everyone.

Alcohol and drug abuse by high school students is a rising concern in the US. Around 200,000 teens and kids visit emergency rooms due to overconsumption of drugs or alcohol, while an annual 4,300 youth below 21 years of age lose their lives to substance abuse. Aside from alcohol, high schoolers also abuse marijuana, cocaine, Vicodin, MDMA, and other prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

In order to spread awareness about the potential risks of addiction and encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle, kids and teens are also invited to attend the event.

To conclude, addiction is a severe disease that ruins your health. Addicted to Hope rally is arranged every year to spread awareness and help those suffering from this disease. If you need treatment for addiction, book an appointment with Sober Living AZ for a consult and smooth recovery.

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