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Be a Hero, Leader, Legend, and Live with Love After Addiction

Posted on 11/28/17: Addiction Aftercare \ Addiction Prevention \ Addiction Recovery \ Addiction Treatment

The darkness of addiction has an easier time recruiting than the light of sobriety does, but there’s greater power when a hero, leader,  legend emerge from the darkness of drug and alcohol addiction. No one becomes a figure of fame overnight, but diving deep in to your drug recovery program has set you on the path. Now that you have come to a place where others are walking with you through month one or year one, direct your attention to inspiring and helping others in your community. Be a hero!

Be a hero!

Volunteering is a selfless and simple way to cause an impact in the community. But not only does it do good for those who you serve, it truly does your own heart good. Humility is one of the greatest character traits in humanity, and it is also one that can help keep you on the path towards recovery. It is a honor to be able to serve, and spending your time on something greater than yourself will never be forgotten.

Become a leader!

Re-entering the workforce is a daunting task and this is something that should be done with the guide and support of your sponsors and therapists, if you have one. During the first stage of your recovery, your job is yourself – attending meetings, seeking out a sponsor, and doing your steps every day. But you will get to a point where you can step back out with confidence as a working citizen. This not only will bring you pride and be a beacon to those who look upon you, but it will give you something to look forward to and hold on to. Finding and committing to something of value will allow you to continue to make it another day clean, but you will also find yourself leading others in their walks.

Be a legend!

The warmth of love brings about a truly powerful force. We are not limited to this body, these eyes, this physical being, or the qualities we are labeled with. Addiction is not who you are, it is a part of your story. You can rewrite paragraphs and chapters in your life if you choose to do so. Therefore, you can overcome whatever your vice of choice is. There is immense strength in defeating demons of addiction, a strength that makes you a warrior. Winning that battle has given you the ability to show yourself and the world just how strong you really are.

Live with love!

All of these suggestions come down to one thing – as your journey takes you out of addiction, find something in sober living that excites you. This will give you a strong sense of purpose, fulfillment, and motivation to remain engaged and sober. Having a strong “why” behind your addiction recovery efforts provides a deep connection to things outside of yourself. You are capable of becoming a leader, a hero and a legend! Get up each day and discover the beauty within you!

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