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Celebrities Voice Sobriety Through Lifestyle and Awards

Posted on 01/11/18: Addiction Recovery

There’s no argument that stress is a key factor in the development of alcohol and drug addictions. Most people encounter some level of stress every day but the type of stress that many celebrities deal with takes it to new heights. In addition, their lives are constantly on public display making them easy prey for slander, extortion, and over-the-top gossipfests. While some succumb to finding peace of mind through a bottle of Whisky (top drink consumed worldwide), or a custom made one-hitter, these notable stars have kicked their lifestyle up a notch. We think it’s pretty cool. Because non-celebrities often look at them as representatives of what we could aspire to.

Sobriety Keeps Getting Hotter

A multitude of reasons from these “red carpeters” reveal why drinking doesn’t excite their emotional palate. A common theme is because alcohol doesn’t do anything positive for their career. They need to be concerned about their physical appearance, not only because of the paparazzi but the rumor mill of Hollywood is unforgiving.

When motion picture and television studios look to cast actors for a project, names are suggested by screenwriters, directors, producers and casting directors. If a celebrity wants to produce a project and look for directors to work with, their reputation is everything. Even if a celebrity is on the “A” list known for drawing strong viewership, if the name comes with industry-known difficulties to work with due to substance abuse, they’ll never get the chance at the project. No one is that good or worth the risk. Check out these stars who don’t drink.

Bradley Cooper

It’s ironic that Cooper starred in the blockbuster film series The Hangover while sober but perhaps he drew on earlier years and his problem with drinking as the backdrop for his part. He says that his reasoning for sobriety since the age of 29 is that he knew it would adversely affect his ability to perform.

Jennifer Lopez

Vanity does have its positive place. Lopez chose sobriety to help keep her youthful glow and skin’s dewy appearance. Drinking alcohol dehydrates the body and she is an advocate for healthy amounts of water intake.

James Franco

Another actor who decidedly quit the party lifestyle at 29 is Franco, which opposes the behavior in many of the parts he plays. This brings to the forefront his talent as an actor and how one can truly mark a distinct line between real life and fiction.

Kim Kardashian

There’s a lot of social noise around this Kardashian making it hard to focus on the life choices that make her a standout amongst her inner circle. Sobriety is one of them. Hopefully, she can be as powerful an influence on her followers for clean-living as she is for creating the next oh-my-God moment.

President Donald J. Trump

Like him or not personally or for policy, President Trump is a huge fan of the sober life. The decision for this lifestyle was not a difficult choice as he often refers to painful family experiences and his brother’s alcoholism and death as the motivator to his sobriety. He’s never even consumed a single drop.

David Beckham

Performance isn’t only for the silver or computer screen. Great performances happen on the field. Athletes also benefit from sobriety. David Beckham, renowned footballer from Great Britain, still rocks a stellar physique that serves him well as a model and actor.

Keith Urban

Musicians also take sobriety on a high note. Legendary Keith Urban continues his road in recovery after a relapse into drug and alcohol use shortly after his marriage to Nicole Kidman in 2006. He attributes his commitment to staying clean due to his love of wife and family.

Why Celebrity Temptation Is Unbelievably High

sitting in the spotlight

Drug and alcohol addiction isn’t different for those who live in the limelight or have more financial means than the Average Joe or Jane. It comes from the same places of family history, genetics, environmental factors and traumas. How addiction appears more troublesome for celebrities is in how their entitlement can come back to haunt them.

Stars, also known as talent, dictate every aspect of their life because they can. They’ve earned it. This includes where they go, who they’re with and what they do and how they do it. Their employment contracts include what they eat, what they drink and who is at their beckon call. This can include access to drugs. It’s ugly but true.

Imagine if all you had to do was snap your fingers and whatever or whoever you wanted would be there for you?

Now, think about how strong a celebrity’s conviction to sobriety must be to succeed. That’s character-building stuff to marvel.

Another Voice in Sobriety Works Behind the Scenes

Each year, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Voice Awards honors the television and film industry. These accolades are given to the people behind the work that educates and provides public awareness about behavioral health issues like addiction and mental illness that affect us all.

Some of the 2017 winners are; Captain Fantastic (film), This Is Us and One Day at a Time season 1 (television). You can see the full list of award recipients here.

Flaunt Your Own Sobriety, It Is Celebrity Status

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