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Finding Joy After Addiction

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Addiction can be a scary disease, sometimes leading to deadly consequences. Those who are suffering sometimes feel that all hope is lost and struggle to feel joy. However, recovery is possible at any stage in addiction. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, seek the help you deserve today.

How Does Addiction Affect Your Brain?

Addiction is a complicated and chronic brain disease. Genetics, environment, and medical history can all contribute to someone developing an addiction. However, addiction can happen to anyone and does not discriminate. This disease can have immediate, short-term, and long-term effects that can severely alter how someone is able to live their life. Unfortunately, addiction can also lead to overdose and death. In order to overcome an addiction, it is necessary to seek treatment. Addiction can not be home remedied. Those who leave their addiction untreated can face serious symptoms, some of which are life-threatening.

Addiction is considered a brain disease because although it affects your body in several different ways, it has a direct effect on your brain chemistry. The most specific area of the brain it affects is the reward pathway. When a drug enters a person’s body, it produces a “high”. This high is actually the reward pathway skyrocketing to abnormal levels in response to the drug. Your brain then wants to experience this same feeling, so it will begin to seek out more of the drug. Over time, the reward pathway could become temporarily or even permanently damaged. Regular activities meant to bring joy, no longer will be able to compare. Despite the negative consequences, the brain will continue to seek out the drug.

First Step: Start The Road to Recovery

You will not be able to heal your mind and body unless you are enrolled in a professional treatment program. Addiction cannot be treated without proper healthcare professionals or by home remedies. Leaving addiction untreated can lead to experiencing prolonged negative effects, relapse, overdose, or even death. Professionals at a treatment center will be able to evaluate you and see which treatment options will work best for you. They will also be able to uncover any underlying mental illnesses you may have, which could be inhibiting you from finding happiness.

After going through an initial evaluation, you will begin your treatment plan. During your time in treatment, you will learn valuable skills and receive help for managing symptoms. The most effective treatment plans are those that are holistic, which means they focus on more than just the addiction. These treatment plans also focus on every aspect of your life, helping set you up for success after the treatment process. If your addiction is the underlying cause of your happiness, due to your rewards system being affected or otherwise, professional treatment will be the foundation you need.

Treatment will also show you that you are not alone. Addiction is known to be a very isolating disease, which can lead to unhappiness and stress. Treatment centers are full of people who, while they all may have different paths, all have one common goal. You may find that you can relate to these people, unlike your family and friends. This will help you feel more understood and will advance the recovery process. Some treatment centers also include family members as part of the treatment process. For instance, family members will come for a day to learn about your progress and spend time with you.

Reach Out for Support

After treatment, it is possible that someone may go back and revert to their old ways. This is known as relapsing and can be deadly. After the treatment process a person in recovery may feel lonely or that they are lacking support. The good news is that there are many options for those who are out of treatment and want to transition back into day to day life. It is important to know that recovery is a lifelong and will require effort in order not to relapse.

Sober living homes are also an option for those who are in recovery. They are homes provided by a treatment center that are usually part of a community. Certified Recovery Rehabs also have Inpatient Treatment Homes that may be an option as well You have access to the treatment center and healthcare professionals, but also have an independent lifestyle. This helps allow those in recovery to feel more confident and happier. This also means they have access to support groups and other people who are experiencing what they went through. Often times, they will receive a sponsor or be a sponsor for someone else.

If you ever are feeling unhappy during the recovery process, it is important to reach out to friends, family, or a healthcare professional. They can help you navigate your emotions. They will also be able to uncover any underlying mental health illnesses. Reaching out for support will help you feel happier and healthier.

Always Stay Positive

Even the bleakest situations can have positive outcomes. It is important to always look for the silver lining. Staying positive will help to put you in a mindset of self reflection and help you to progress in the recovery process. You will want to look for a treatment center that incorporates activities and hobbies that you enjoy, such as hiking, yoga, meditation, and running. Exercise is important for a healthy mind and body. It helps to release dopamine, which will help to regulate your damaged reward pathway.

Look for joy in the small things. Finding these small milestones to be proud of and happiness in the littlest things will help you feel more gratitude for what is around you. Some of those struggling with addiction often feel stressed, ashamed, and guilty. Allow yourself to feel these emotions and then come to terms with them, allowing your mind to move on.

Pursue Your Goals

The goals you have created for your future should always be on your mind. Every decision you make will help to bring you closer or further away from your goals. A treatment center will help you to outline your short term and long term goals. They will discuss with you steps you can take in order to achieve what you set out to do. This is also a great article to help you as well:

The healthcare professionals at Sober Living Of Arizona focus on more than just your addiction. They focus on all facets of your life, setting you up for success. You will receive a professional evaluation, uncover any underlying mental illnesses, and map out your goals for the future. Recovery is possible at any stage in an addiction. Call today to learn more about how the professionals at Sober Living Of Arizona can change your life.

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If you or someone you know needs help with addiction, contact Sober Living of AZ now to get the help you need. Sober Living offers an acclaimed recovery environment that merges upscale and luxury accommodations with affordability, clinical expertise and an unwavering commitment to patient care and aftercare. Call us now at 602-737-2458.

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