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Long-Term Life Therapy & Addiction

Posted on 10/26/18: Addiction Aftercare \ Addiction Recovery \ Addiction Treatment \ Relapse Prevention

For some people, sobriety can be a life-long battle. It is by no means an easy fix. Therapy, on-going support, and sometimes even professional medical assistance is needed for the recovery process. We have seen people hit milestones in their sobriety and then hit triggers that start relapse. Though rehabilitation will begin the process of recovery, it by no means finishes it. This is where the idea of long-term life support comes into play. Short-term rehabilitation works for some, but others will need a longer, more comprehensive program for the most success in sobriety.

According to the National Institute on Drug Addiction, 40-60% of those who have gone through rehabilitation will experience relapses. Though this statistic is alarming, it comes as no surprise. When you are battling addiction, it can be hard to cut off. You are cutting yourself off from a substance you relied on; they are bound to be desired again. This is why long-term therapy can benefit an individual that is susceptible to these relapses. Not only does this form of therapy help the individual, but it can help the family/friends rest easy knowing that they are getting the therapy they are needing.

Addiction centers offer long-term therapy programs to help anyone who struggles with triggers, relapses, or any desire that may lead them off the path of sobriety. Here are a few ways that long-term therapy can help someone battling addiction:

1. Coaching

life therapyWhen you are cutting yourself off of substance abuse, your mind may be clouded and troubled. With this in mind, it’s smart to have a life coach. It can be difficult to see the benefits of sobriety at first, but long-term therapy can help offer guidance and help you find feelings of happiness & joy in darker times. Coaches can guide you through your journey in recovery, help you nurture relationships or end toxic ones, reach milestones, and get your life back together.

Since recovery can be confusing and even overwhelming at times, a long-term life therapy coach can help you find clarity in moments of uncertainty. Coaches have been trained to help you work through stressful times and help you avoid relapses so you can continue on your path to sobriety.

2. Guided Journey

When you are starting your new life, it can be easy to lose direction and have a hard time finding the motivation to continue on this journey. This is completely normal, no long-term changes come with ease. You are bound to have feelings of doubt, misdirection, stress, and other feelings like these.

Through addiction, you have lost your identity, but you can get it back through rehabilitation. In long-term life therapy, you will be guided on a journey to finding your old self and learn to re-define who you are. You were not yourself in addiction, the path to sobriety can help you re-discover your true self.

Having a long-term life therapy coach can provide you with a proper recovery plan, which will lay out goals for you to reach. Coaches can assist with encouragement, life advice, visualizing the future, and overall success in recovery.

3. Adds Value to Life

support for lifeWith long-term life therapy, you’ll learn to set a proper life plan for yourself, giving your view of life added meaning. Setting a life plan with this therapy can help you stay motivated to reach milestones, which encourage change. When a recovering addict creates a life plan for themselves, they can visualize a sober future, stay clean, and truly discover what they are capable of.

4. Develop Healthier Social Habits

People that have struggled with addiction most likely abused some substance in social situations to make others think they’re “fun”. They can come to associate a particular substance with the idea that they are more fun and interesting to people while they are not sober. Long-term life therapy can help that person realize that you don’t need drugs or alcohol to be fun or have fun. Life can be just as fun sober! Not only do you live an overall healthier lifestyle, but you can start to make real connections with people. When you start making real connections with people, you can also realize who your real friends are and cut off any toxic relationships. A sober life also means you are always present and never in an altered state-of-mind. You will come to see that a sober life has far more benefits than the life of addiction has to offer. There are far more ways to have fun living sober than you could ever imagine. Take up hobbies, attend social events and practice activities that can improve your physical and mental health.

5. Structured Family Therapy

Addiction doesn’t just affect a person, it can affect the people around them (loved ones, family, friends, etc.). With long-term life therapy, you are not simply pushed away after rehabilitation. After rehab, you are not just waved off and left to continue all on your own. With this form of therapy, you are supported throughout your whole journey to recovery. Not only are you supported throughout this therapy, but your family is as well. A big part of this treatment is ensuring support through structured family therapy. This means also supporting your individual family members as they also go through the recovery process alongside you, addiction affects everyone.

Oftentimes, a person is put into rehab without any family involvement. To a degree this is okay, but complete isolation is not. You need to learn to be independent in recovery but must not shut out loved ones. There are also situations where an individual is put in rehab, while their family is left on the outside to fix the problems that their destructive behavior caused. This can lead to long-standing resentment and psychological issues. We ensure that you find integrative ways to slowly work through any unresolved issues during the sobriety period. Some of the things you can expect to be covered in long-term life therapy: Resentment, communication issues, moving forward, family conflicts, trauma & abuse, and fears.

Finding a Community Support to Heal

Recovery centers believe that no matter the age or addiction an individual may have, there is hope for everyone. Through life plans and life therapy, anyone can reach goals and change their lives for the better. Long-term life therapy helps a person become more self-sufficient and make better life decisions.

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