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Relationships While You Find Sobriety

Posted on 07/05/19: Uncategorized

Addiction is a powerful brain disease that can cause disastrous consequences to one’s life. This disease can put a strain on relationships, causing distress to both parties. The most important relationship you can have in life is the relationship you have with yourself. Making the step towards recovery is a monumental milestone and deserves to be celebrated. However, your relationship with your partner can significantly impact your recovery process.

What Makes A Healthy Relationship

Everyone who enters a relationship strives to form and maintain a healthy relationship. Healthy relationships are built on respect, trust, and allow those who are together to experience a strong bond. These connections can create feelings of joy and comfort. They can also provide support and encouragement, which can help foster motivation to help each other reach their goals. In order to create these deep rooted emotional bonds, there are certain things that need to happen. Besides basic compatibility and attraction, healthy relationships generally demonstrate a mutual level of trust, support, respect, and compassion.

Trust and honesty are two of the most important factors that help develop healthy relationships. When you are in a relationship, you generally want to feel safe. Healthy relationships are those that have boundaries clearly established. Those who are in that relationship respect those boundaries and trust that whoever they are in a relationship with will ultimately do the same.

What Makes An Unhealthy Relationship

Unhealthy relationships are sometimes difficult to spot and can be challenging to overcome. Unfortunately, most need to be extinguished. However, often people will stay in unhealthy relationships longer than they should due to not realizing how toxic their relationship actually is. Factors that influence this can sometimes be subtle or manifest over a long period of time. Those in an unhealthy relationship will often experience manipulation, bullying, abuse, and over controlling partners.

Being involved in an unhealthy relationship can cause stress, anxiety, and depression. The complications associated with an unhealthy relationship can lead to serious consequences and cause infliction for years following the termination of the relationship. If you are on the road to sobriety, unhealthy relationships can be a huge roadblock to your recovery. They can significantly inhibit progress that has been made and cause great distress to those in both active addiction and recovery.

Relationships Before And During Treatment

Healthy relationships can foster a tremendous amount of growth and provide support to those who are beginning their journey towards recovery. However, your partner has probably been through a lot over the course of the addiction. Addiction can really damage the level of trust your partner may have had in you. There may have displays on your part of criminal activity, lying, and other dishonest behavior. Your partner may show signs that they get upset or are easily angered when they are reminded of what has happened in the past due to your disease.

Your partner may have also been involved in substance abuse, which would give them lingering feelings of guilt and shame. It is also possible that your relationship has taken a turn and has become toxic, making it an unhealthy relationship. If you are unsure where your relationship lies, it is important to speak to a healthcare professional so they can help assess your relationship. Toxic relationships will not foster the support, positivity, and motivation you need to help you on your road to recovery.

On the flip side, a healthy relationship with your partner will help give you the strength you need to continue on. If you feel that your partner is distressed, but your relationship is still healthy, it is important that you ask your partner to seek help from a healthcare professional. This professional will be able to help them navigate through their feelings and help them understand how the recovery process will begin to heal your relationship. There are also support groups available to those who have a loved one going through treatment.

If your loved one is suffering from addiction, it is important to keep in mind that your relationship will take time to heal. They need your help now more than ever. Decide on a treatment plan together that has an emphasis on family and will allow family members to partake in the recovery process. This will allow you to voice your concerns and also help to mend the relationship in a professional environment.

New Relationships

After treatment is over, many people wonder how long they should wait before getting into a new relationship. There is no clear cut answer that will work for everyone. Each individual has their own set of challenges and needs. You will want to decide on a treatment center that not only identifies the issues that lead you back to your addiction, but also helps you in other areas of your life. This will help you navigate your feelings and needs to best serve your new healthy life. You will want to wait to get into a relationship until you feel like you are your truest self. Get into a healthy relationship with yourself before you bring anyone else into the picture.

Tips To Help You Stay On The Road To Recovery

Do not let a relationship interfere with any goals you have set for yourself. Personal goals you have set for yourself should never be overshadowed, otherwise your recovery could be in jeopardy. Your focus needs to be on yourself and on your recovery. Show sympathy and compassion towards your partner if you are entering treatment. This will help your relationship grow and help the healing process along. If you suspect you are involved in an unhealthy relationship, it is best to cease the relationship in order to help better yourself. You may also decide that a relationship is just not in the cards for you while you are in recovery. That choice is yours and yours alone.

Seek Help And Explore Your Treatment Options

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, it is important that they seek help immediately. Sober Living Of Arizona provides their patients specialized care when it comes to addiction treatment. Their dedicated professionals will not only help you identify issues associated with your disease, but also help you in all areas of your life. Their treatment programs are a healthy mix of therapy sessions, meetings, and activities. Sober Living Of Arizona encourages family members to become part of the recovery process. Call today and learn how they can help you or your loved one start the road to recovery. A great resource on dating is

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