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Staying Sober After Treatment

Posted on 05/16/19: Addiction Aftercare \ Addiction Recovery

The start of your new life after rehabilitation can be an exciting time. Getting sober is a great accomplishment deserves applause. You should be proud of the steps you have taken this far. However, the thought of integrating back to normal life can be a daunting thought for some.

These feelings of anxiety stem from the unknown. It is important that the person who completed treatment has a plan in place and gets all the answers to their questions. The tips below will assist an addict avoid relapse, including treatment options that are designed for transition.

Avoid Triggers from the Past

During your treatment process, you will have learning how damaging triggers can be. Virtually anything can be a trigger and some are unique per individual. Situations, people, places, and even certain emotions can trigger an addict to have feelings of reverting back to drugs or alcohol. The best method is to avoid these situations altogether. However, if you happen to find yourself in one of these instances, your treatment center will most likely have prepared you. Sober Living Arizona formulates unique coping strategies that help the individual addict manage triggers they may encounter. This essential benefit will help an addict stay on the road to recovery and not give into temptation.

Common triggers that may cause an addict to revert to their old ways can vary.
Meeting up with old friends who are using drugs and alcohol or just going back to an old neighborhood or town.

These triggers can be damaging to an addict’s process. However, simply avoiding everything deemed a trigger will not work. The addict also needs to be aware of their coping strategies and have a plan in place for after treatment. This is why the avoidance technique works best when addicts receive guidance from a treatment facility. In order to avoid certain triggers, here are some steps to take after rehab for you or your loved one:

Remove all paraphernalia, including your home, business, car, etc. and surround yourself with support. Find people who want what is best for you and do not engage in damaging behaviors.

Replace the Old with the New

The damaging ways of the past are gone. Now, an addict will have to redesign their life to fit their new sober lifestyle. This may seem like a challenge. Almost everything in an addict’s life will need a facelift and that is okay! Change is good and these new facets will help inspire growth and help the addict continue down the road toward success.

Replace your old hobbies with new ones. An addict’s old way of life probably had very limited, if any, hobbies. This is because the addict’s brain continually sought out drugs or alcohol, making keeping hobbies very difficult. Sober Living Of Arizona makes this transition a breeze. Their program offers adventurous outings, hiking opportunities, and guided meditation. Some other hobbies that an addict could pick up as part of their healthy lifestyle could be yoga, running, or volunteering.

Replace your old friends with new friends. When an addict is experiencing addiction, they may feel alone and isolated from friends and family. However, when they begin the treatment process and start the road to recovery, they will meet people that have been through the same things they have been through. This will create a connection, as they share a similar past and a common goal of a better future. Addicts who have transitioned from treatment can also join a local recovery support group. Although some support groups are anonymous, they do keep in close contact due to the frequency of meetings and even sometimes have previous addicts become mentors.

Replace old habits with new habits. Habits are different from hobbies. When a person was suffering from addiction, their habits were very unhealthy. They may have had the habit of seeking out drugs instead of making themselves food or going to work. They may have had the habit of not setting any goals and habitually watching the television all day. Other damaging habits may include not buying groceries, asking for money for drugs from family, or not keeping up on personal hygiene. Habits often take weeks to become set in stone in a person’s mind, so it is important to keep on them. Healthy habits to instill in a new lifestyle could include waking up early every morning to make a nice breakfast, setting a weekly goal, making a grocery list every Sunday, or taking a shower once a day.

Benefits of a Sober Life

A sober life comes with a multitude of benefits. Each path to sobriety is unique and requires effort and dedication. Even when treatment is over, the journey is not. This new healthy lifestyle will prove rewarding, but it will take time and energy. However, there will be nothing that will beat the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment.

Not only will you become a better friend, but you may also become a better worker or parent. The strained relationships of the family unit can begin to heal. You will notice yourself being more present and positive. Your mood will improve, as well as your focus on maintaining relationships.

You’ll get more energy when you are clean and sober. When a person is going through addiction, their body is working in overdrive almost constantly to help neutralize the effects that the drugs have on them. Once this factor is eliminated, the addict will have more energy, as well as a better night’s rest.

When you’re in recovery you can focus on what really matters. Your mind will no longer be focused solely on getting the next high from drugs or alcohol. You can instead divert your attention to other things you enjoy or engage in activities you would have previously missed out on.

Your mind and body will be healthier. You will be able to notice the changes and this will allow you to feel better about how you are treating your body. Memory issues may become a thing of the past. Your coping skills and tools you learned during treatment will become essential and will be powerful in instilling confidence.

If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction, know that there is help. While these are important tips to help recovering addicts, they should always be accompanied by a treatment model. Sober Living Of Arizona offers their patients unique treatment options and design individualized plans to help each person on their journey towards a healthier life.

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