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The Benefits of Health and Wellness For Those in Recovery

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The concept of health and wellness in recovery can mean quite a few different things. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s definition is as follows: “…being in good physical and mental health”. One thing is for sure, treatment should focus on the entire person and not just target the addiction. Those who are in recovery will begin to increase their overall health and wellness. It is important to note that every person’s journey will be unique. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction know that it is never too late to seek help.

Nutrition in Recovery

Individuals can experience many benefits from improving their diet and maintaining a healthy weight. A healthy body really begins at what you are putting into your body. So, making progress in your health and wellness begins with nutrition. One of your first milestones at the treatment center may be completing detox. Detox, when done safely in a professional environment, is a necessary step when beginning the road to recovery. However, detoxing can create some adverse effects, such as flu-like symptoms or leave your body in a weakened state. The good news is that the professionals at the treatment center will be able to monitor you, administer fluids, and keep you fed with the right foods. This will help to build up your strength.

The healthcare professionals at the treatment center will work right away to create the perfect meal plan for you. When creating meal plans, you will notice that you are working towards a balanced diet with very limited sugary foods. This means your food will include lean meat, fruits and vegetables, and low-fat dairy. It is also important that you maintain proper vitamin intake, which the professionals will help you with. Vitamin B-12 is one of the most important vitamins during this process, as it helps your body to develop new cells. Some foods you may eat containing vitamin B-12 may include yogurt, cereals, and certain fish. Two more important vitamins are vitamin D and vitamin A. Vitamin D helps to keep your bones strong, while vitamin A helps give your immune system a boost.

Yoga and Meditation in Recovery

Yoga and meditation are forms of exercising your body, but they are also ways to exercise your mind. Yoga is often looked at as a form of self-expression and how it is implemented into the treatment program can vary. Often, it is used to help those in recovery feel more physically and emotionally grounded. This is achieved because yoga focuses on simple steps that allow you to focus inwards. These include deep breathing which follow counts, picturing negative energy leaving, and taking time with each movement.

Exercise and Mental Healing

Exercise can take many forms. You will want to decide on a treatment center that offers programs and activities that will help you get a substantial amount of exercise. Studies have shown that physical exercise can benefit your mental health. While a workout can be fun, it can also provide a person with a mental health boost because it provides a challenge. This is because any form of exercise can be very engaging and can help a person set goals. For instance, someone may choose to hike a trail they never thought they would on their own or run for a little longer than they did before.

Physical exercise also helps the brain release neurotransmitters. These are chemicals that allow your brain to communicate with your body. When a person engages in exercise, the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin are released at a healthy level. This healthy “high” dissipates on its own, versus a high from drugs or alcohol that is forced upon the person. This makes exercise an important factor during the treatment process, as it helps your brain adjust.

Addiction and Your Brain

Addiction doesn't just affect your body, it affects your mind as well. Drugs and alcohol are both considered toxins. As soon as they enter a person, their body will work hard to remove them. What also happens when they enter your body is an over stimulation of the brain. This is because drugs directly affect your brain’s reward pathway by making it skyrocket to unhealthy levels. This is when someone may experience a “high”. Since their levels of neurotransmitters were affected unnaturally, it is impossible to replicate the same experience without the drugs.

Addiction is considered a chronic brain disease. When the person is not able to replicate the effect, their brain will begin to seek more of the drug. They will experience compulsive and impulsive tendencies due to their drive. A person’s brain will be demanding more and more, but their body is somehow no longer responding to the drug. This means that a person has built up a tolerance, which can be very dangerous in and of itself. A built up tolerance means that a person’s body will require more of the drug to receive the same effects that happened prior. This can lead to overdose and even death.

Start The Road to Recovery Today

Addiction cannot be treated at home. The only way to have a safe and healthy recovery is to seek treatment. Addiction is a chronic disease and needs treatment just like someone with heart disease would need treatment. Health and wellness can have monumental on a person’s life. Programs set up with these in mind can help a person’s body recover from the toll addiction took, as well as help them with their emotional health. These programs are best implemented at a professional treatment center for optimal results.

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, it is important to know that recovery is possible for anyone. It is never too late to get the help you deserve. Sober Living Of Arizona is home to a dedicated team of caring professionals that focus not only on the addiction, but all aspects of a person’s life. They provide their patients with social activities, exercise, and opportunities for self reflection. Their treatment programs feature serene environments and provide you with time to find your inner-peace. They also provide their clients with sober living homes, to help them continue their recovery process with success. If you or someone you love is suffering, call today.

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