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Youth-Led Efforts to Prevent Drug Abuse

Posted on 12/28/18: Addiction Prevention \ Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a growing epidemic that is turning into an acute nationwide concern. There is a substantial need of finding ways to raise awareness and fight against this rising practice that is causing significant damages to the lives of people.

A lot of people become a victim of this terrible disease because they do not realize their  inclination towards illicit drugs as a problem. They develop severe addiction for certain prescription drugs and then face a really hard time getting over them.

Moreover, in the majority of cases, victims of drug abuse continue with the practice as their health keeps on deteriorating. They refuse to seek treatment because of the stigma that is attached to drug abuse and addiction. The victims do not want to reach out for rehabilitation and treatment because they fear that it would disclose their inclination towards drugs, making them feel weak and ashamed.

As a matter of fact, the Centers for Disease Control has given an estimate that 114 people die in a single day because of drugs. There are 6,748 hospital admissions every day for drug-related treatment. Drug overdose has become a major cause of injury-related deaths in the United States, killing approximately 44,000 people yearly. This is a very alarming number.

Over twenty million Americans under the age of 12 are struggling with addiction other than tobacco, and 6.8 million people are diagnosed with coexisting disorders where they have a mental illness occurring alongside an addiction problem. Furthermore, if you look into more detailed statistics related to drug abuse, it is reported that the highest rate of illicit drug abuse is among people aged between 18 and 25.

This showcases that the younger population is most exposed to the perils of drug abuse, and are at possible danger of inflicting substantial damage to their future and subsequently that of the country.

These statistics indicate that there is an immense and immediate need for spreading strong and convincing awareness across the country to encourage people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to seek medical help. The risk of addiction increases significantly when the right guidance and awareness is not offered in the early stages.

Illicit drugs have the ability to impact the brain substantially and influence the way it perceives things. The more that drugs get a chance to affect the brain, the more the brain develops a dependence on them. Certain drugs have the ability to influence the logical reasoning of the user and places a barrier between their ability to see the harmful impacts that the illicit substance is doing to their mental, physical and behavioral health.

A major solution that must be acknowledged is the capability of the youth’s influence in this particular regime. They have the ability to become rather effective leaders who can captivate and convince an audience, as well as promulgate a positive and strong message.

Awareness has to be spread in a manner that convinces addicts to step out of their shell and get the help they need. There are some movements going on across the country that are producing rather productive results and setting a precedent to be followed. Here are two main examples of the groups that are doing highly commendable jobs in this sector:

Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network

This is a network led by the youth in Ohio that works on the agenda of substance misuse prevention. They welcome young people from across the state who are dedicated to community service, positive youth development, and peer prevention.  

The network offers support at the state and local levels by leading substance misuse prevention programs to spread awareness about the perils of addiction. As a part of their major events, they conducted a statewide rally including drug-free teens from all over the state and marched through the downtown streets to spread a positive message.

Youth to Youth International

Youth to Youth International is also an Ohio-based youth campaign that continues to work to prevent prescription drug abuse in teens. Having the support from the Cardinal Health Foundation, this particular youth-led group works on drug abuse prevention through giving presentations.

These presentations include conveying the message of what exactly drug abuse and misuse is, the diversified nature of addiction and the impact of addiction on teens and their lives. This initiative is a strong and compelling strategy to educate other young people who are either struggling with addiction or exposed to the threat.

Inspiration can be taken from OYLPN and Y2Y programs and other such initiatives can be carried out across the country to address the emerging dilemma that addiction is. As per the statistics mentioned, the young population of the United States is dangerously exposed to the threats of illicit substance abuse and a huge portion is already struggling with the problem.

This has to be addressed immediately and youth-led efforts can bring quite a positive change. They can make a more positive influence on the target audience as compared to any other conventional approach such as television commercials and specialists-led seminars.

The youth is our country’s ultimate asset. They cannot be given up on. There is a need to strengthen them and bring them towards the road to progression. This can be only done if they are living a healthy life and making positive choices.  

If you see a teenager showing any sort of problems related to drugs or alcohol, it is the time that you get instant help for them. The right help can save their entire life.

Scottsdale Recovery Center can help you with the process of how to convince a teenager towards rehab and help them realize that they need help. So, reach out to them today and find the right treatment for the teen.

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